Pizza Themed Activities for Preschoolers

By LAURIN BRAINARD Updated Oct. 17, 2023

Ask a child their favorite food and you are likely to hear pizza in the top 5! Our Pizza Preschool Theme is sure to engage children as they learn academic skills through a variety of pizza themed activities.

Lesson Components

This unit is made up of so many fun activities that your little one can enjoy:

You can find all of the printables in my Pizza Preschool Unit.



Sensory Bins


To kick off this unit, we are digging into a pizza sensory bin! To set up this bin, just add some red rice to a bin. Then, you can add these printable letter pizzas from our Pizza Preschool Unit. As children pull each pizza half out of the bin, have them say the letter they see. Then, find the matching letter and build the pizza on the table. Your child can keep “baking pizzas” by building the pizza puzzles on the table beside the bin.

Literacy Activities

It is so much fun teaching new vocabulary to preschoolers and watching them use the new language in their everyday lives.


This pizza book is a great way to introduce new vocabulary as they use crayons to add details to the book. By coloring in the pictures, it will help them make connections to the new vocabulary they are hearing.


These vocabulary tracing strips give little ones the opportunity to explore tracing letters, while hearing the language and viewing the picture of the word.

Fine Motor Activity


Finding ways to work on hand control is so important for our little ones. Building hand strength and coordination is the key to helping our little ones develop strong writing skills in kindergarten and beyond. In this lacing activity, children will work on hand control by threading a shoelace through each hole in the pizza. You can also encourage new vocabulary through the use of positional words such as above, under, below, etc.

Math Activities


Nothing brings me back to all the childhood feels more than a container of Play-Doh. This fine motor math activity helps chidren learn to form shapes through a play-based activity. Just give your child one card at a time. Have them say the name of the shape, then build with dough.

If you want to add an additional challenge, you can ask about the number of sides and corners on each shape.


Let’s work on measurement! Using these measurement cards, your child can use Legos to determine how tall each slice of pizza is.

All the Plans and Printables You Need!

I hope you enjoyed following our Preschool journey this week as we learned through pizza themed activities! You can download thisPizza Preschool Unit from my shop. It comes with 20+ lesson plans and all the pizza themed printable materials you will need to make teaching your preschooler as easy as possible.


If you are looking for even more preschool fun for you and your little ones, then check out my Preschool Curriculum Bundle for a variety of fun lessons and activities you can use all year long!



I hope you enjoy playing and learning with your little ones this week! Feel free to send me an Insta message at @theprimarybrain if you have any questions about how to get started teaching your little ones!


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