What are Fine Motor Skills?

By LAURIN BRAINARD Updated Jan. 25, 2024

Fine motor skills involve our ability to make movements as we use the small muscles in our hands. When we use a pencil, scissors, manipulate play dough, or build a block tower, we are utilizing our fine motor skills. When we press two blocks together, we are utilizing our hand strength to squeeze the blocks together. We also use hand control as we properly line up the blocks for success. Both hand control and strength work together as we develop our fine motor skills. We use these skills every day throughout our daily tasks such as brushing hair or turning a doorknob.

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Why are fine motor skills important?

Fine motor skills help our little ones in so many ways, even beyond building strong hand muscles. When strong fine motor skills are developed, it helps to:

In order for our little ones to be successful when handwriting in school, we need to give them ample time to practice and mature their fine motor skills. So, how can we further this fine motor development? You can do this through a variety of activities that build strength and control in your child’s hands!

Fine Motor Skills Activities for Preschoolers

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Seasonal Fine Motor Activities

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Free Fine Motor Activities For You!

One of our favorite activities for working on fine motor skills is to play with and manipulate play dough! I created a book of playdough mats that you can use to work on colors with your little ones. Just sign up here for your free activity and I will email it right over to you:

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