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How to Plan Differentiated Phonics Lessons

Teaching phonics to a group of students who are all at different levels can be so tricky! Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time in your day to find all the materials that you need to teach each student? I used to feel the exact same way until I started planning for my student groups through the use of assessment data. By giving ... Read more

Lemon Playdough Recipe

Lemon Playdough Recipe

Nothing feels more like childhood than a fresh batch of homemade playdough! My go-to recipe for playdough is this lemon scented dough. If you haven’t ever tried cooking in the kitchen with your little ones, then today is the day! Measuring, pouring, mixing, and kneading are all excellent exercises for building fine motor skills in their hands, ... Read more

What are cvc words?

When you first begin teaching phonics, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the new literacy language that is thrown at you! If you are teaching young children, then one of the first phonics skills you will need to be prepared to teach are cvc words. So, let’s break down what cvc words are and some of my favorite ways to teach them! CVC word... Read more

Use Phonics Books to Build Confident Readers

Use Phonics Books to Build Confident Readers

Do your students struggle with confidence when they sit down to read a passage? When our students are first learning how to read, it is so important to break down a phonics skill into simple and manageable steps. By focusing on just ONE phonics skill at a time, you will be able to prepare your students to feel confident reading a passage since t... Read more

7 Skills Toddlers Need to Learn

7 skill areas to teach toddlers

By LAURIN BRAINARD Updated June 27, 2024 Did you know that about 80% of our child’s brain develops by the time they are age 3? When I learned this statistic, I quickly realized the importance of teaching age appropriate skills to our toddlers! Teaching toddlers is so fun and rewarding, but it can also be challenging to know what to teach to 2 a... Read more