Organizational System for Small Group Reading Materials

The key to saving your sanity when planning for small groups is materials management! There is nothing worse than spending an afternoon making copies, folding books, and binding all the things, only to misplace the copies you need for your first group tomorrow morning! How to Store Materials You are likely working with multiple groups of kids ... Read more

How To Use Data To Form Small Groups

Placing your students into groups for small group reading can be tricky! All of your students have different strengths and abilities and we want to meet each student at their individual instructional level. We know the end goal is to teach our students how to read, but how do we get there? What skills and materials do we use to reach this goal? ... Read more

Assess Your Students to Form Reading Small Groups

Small group reading is such an important part of the school day since it gives us a chance to meet with our students in a smaller setting. This is where we can focus on the specific phonics skills that our students need to become fluent readers. It can be tricky to form these groups, so I created an assessment to help you! This assessment is ... Read more

How To Get Started With CVC Centers In Your Classroom

Getting started with centers can be so tricky! What activities should you use? What can your students manage independently? There are so many things to consider! When I think about successful literacy centers, I immediately think about material management. You need enough materials to keep all of your students engaged in learning, but they also... Read more

5 Reusable Activities for Fast Finishers

Have you ever found yourself scrambling to find activities for your fast finishers to complete? You know the students… The ones where you give out a practice page and they are almost finished before you even finish passing out to the whole class? Reusable activities have been my favorite way to keep these students occupied in a meaningful learn... Read more