Transportation Activities for Preschoolers

Planes, trains, cars, and trucks… These are a few of the things that children’s dreams are made of! Our Transportation Preschool Theme was by far one of our favorite preschool weeks here in our home. We spent our days diving into land, air, and sea activities to experience different modes of transportation, build fine motor skills, learn new vocabulary, and more! I hope this post helps you find a variety of activities to do with your own little ones at home or with your students in your classroom! So, put on your train engineer hat and get ready to learn with us!

Lesson Components

This unit is made up of so many fun activities that your little one can enjoy:

You can find all of the printables in my Transportation Preschool Unit.

Sensory Bins


To kick off this unit, we are learning through play! When we give our little ones time to explore the world around them through imaginative play, so much learning can take place! I gave my little ones time to play and explore the types of transportation found on air, land, and sea. You can grab the materials we used here in our Amazon Storefront: Transportation Preschool Items


In our second sensory bin this week, we went on a train ride! To work on uppercase and lowercase letters, your children will go on a letter hunt in a sensory bin to find two matching letters. Then, they will use the uppercase and lowercase letter pair to build a train.

Literacy Activities


Since this week is all about transportation, then what could be more fun than driving a car?!?! These letter mats are designed to help children learn proper letter formation by driving a car along each line. Children begin by placing a car on the number “1,” then drive the car along each line of the letter in order. You can download these letter mats in my Transportation Preschool Unit.


It is so much fun teaching new vocabulary to preschoolers and watching them use the new language in their everyday lives. These vocabulary tracing strips give children the opportunity to explore tracing letters, while hearing the language and viewing the picture of the word.

Fine Motor Activity


Nothing brings me back to all the childhood feels more than a container of Play-Doh. This fine motor activity focuses on building hand strength in those tiny hands, while also building hand control as children place each piece of dough in the correct spot to match the image on the card.

Math Activities


Puzzles are an excellent activity for the developing brain in a preschooler. In this activity, children will work on ordering numbers from 1-10 as they build puzzles.


Another fun way to build new vocabulary is through this patterns activity. Children will say the name of each transportation vehicle aloud as they complete a variety of patterns.

Transportation Preschool Cover

I hope you enjoyed following our Preschool journey this week as we learned all about transportation! Click here if you want to download this Transportation Preschool Unit from my shop. It comes with 20+ lesson plans and all the printable materials you will need to make teaching your preschooler as easy as possible. You can also grab any of the hands-on materials you need in my Amazon Storefront by clicking HERE.

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I hope you enjoy playing and learning with your little ones this week!


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