Christmas Themed Activities for Preschoolers

By LAURIN BRAINARD Updated Dec. 15, 2023

Christmas is such a special time of year in our home! Every year in December I pull out a variety of Christmas preschool activites and my little ones get so excited!! There is nothing more exciting than decorating the house in red and green colors, the sound of jingle bells, and crafting in December. I included all of this and more in my Christmas Preschool Unit! Here are some of our favorite activities that you can enjoy all December long!



Christmas Sensory Bins for Preschoolers

Sensory bins are a great tool to use to teach new skills to preschoolers. They help to bring a child’s imagination to life by engaging their senses through touch, sight, sound, and sometimes even taste or smell!


In this sensory bin, we are working on a newer skill for us - positional vocabulary! You will help your child read the words on the workmat, then they will find the matching pictures that tell the story of the vocabulary words.


There are so many opportunities to build vocabulary this time of year, and we are doing just that with this sensory bin! Just grab a picture card from the bin and match it to the picture on the workmat. As your child matches the pictures, have them say the names of the items. You can also ask questions such as where they might see the item or how they could use the item.


This sensory bin includes a fun sound component that makes it extra fun! Grabbing these bells with plastic tweezers was a little bit tricky, but it was worth the effort since we could listen to each bell jingle as it moved through the air from the bin to the card! Not only are little ones able to work on counting in this bin, but they are also developing their fine motor skills.

Christmas Name Craft for Preschoolers


Learning to spell your own name is another skill we focus on during the preschool years. In this craft, you can choose between uppercase and lowercase traceable letters. Children will trace the letters of their name, then paste a string and lightbulbs together to make a strand of name lights.

Christmas Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers


Dot markers are a great tool for building fine motor skills as we work on hand control. Children need to control the movements of their hand to dot specific areas. You can also use this activity to help children learn the words inside and outside as they dot each circle.


Tracing lines and curves is a great way to prepare children for the writing they will learn to do in kindergarten. In this activity, children work on tracing christmas objects. Then, they can even cut and color them!

Christmas Craft for Preschoolers


What could be more fun than painting a Christmas tree this time of year?!?! In this craft, we used q-tips to dab paint into each ornament as we decorated the tree with paint!

Keep Learning Through the Year!

I hope you enjoyed following our preschool journey this week as we learned through Christmas themed activities! You can download this Christmas Preschool Unit from my shop. It comes with 20+ lesson plans and all the Christmas themed printable materials you will need to make teaching your preschooler as easy as possible.


If you are looking for even more preschool fun for you and your little ones, then check out my Preschool Curriculum Bundle for a variety of fun lessons and activities you can use all year long!



I hope you enjoy playing and learning with your little ones this week! Feel free to send me an Insta message at @theprimarybrain if you have any questions about how to get started teaching your little ones!


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