Center Organization Tip

Keeping centers organized is definitely a challenge in my classroom. There are so many moving parts to each center, so it is crucial to keep them organized in a way my students can easily access. We have a weekly rotation schedule that allows my students to independently pick up their center and bring back to their tables. I found these Large St... Read more

Blends and Digraphs Write and Wipe Activity Mat

My students love working on writing blends and digraphs through this fun Blends and Digraphs Write and Wipe Activity! Once my students master the ability to read and write CVC words, then we move on to introducing blends and digraphs. After introducing the sounds, I put these activity mats into their literacy center rotations. Each student will ... Read more

Long Vowel Write and Wipe Activity Mat

A few of my students are still struggling with writing words containing long vowel sounds. My favorite intervention for working on long vowel spelling patterns is this fun Long Vowel Write and Wipe Activity Mat. This activity covers so many areas of student need through vocabulary, spelling, and writing. This activity can last as little as a few... Read more

Let's Write and Wipe CVC Words

CVC words are such a fun concept to teach anytime of the year. These are the first words that my first graders master in reading and in spelling. I love seeing the accomplishment on their little faces when they learn to read and write CVC words! This year, I created a CVC Word Write and Wipe Activity Mat that works on vocabulary, spelling, and w... Read more

April Reflection Prompt Cards

It’s hard to believe we are already headed into April! That means there are just two short months before I have to say goodbye to the sweet littles in my classroom. I am so excited about the reflective conversations we will be having in April as we wind down the school year. Since April Fool’s Day kicks off this month, we are having a discussion... Read more