Blends and Digraphs Word Sort Practice Activity

Learning to read blends and digraph spelling patterns in first grade is very tricky for some of my littles. They understand the individual sounds each letter makes, but they struggle to put them together to create new sounds. I created a Cut and Paste Blends and Digraphs Activity to extend their learning from our daily curriculum lessons that focus on these spelling patterns.

In this activity, students begin by highlighting the target sounds in each word. I always emphasize that the spelling pattern is all that should be highlighted, not the entire word. My students always have a higher success rate in sorting when they take the time to investigate and highlight the spelling pattern in each word first. After all spelling patterns have been highlighted, students cut out the words and paste into the correct box.

If I have any early finishers, I have them extend their learning by whisper reading the words to build fluency. If they have extra time beyond their fluency read, then my students can write sentences on their whiteboards using the words from the word sort.

I hope your students further the learning of their blends and digraph spelling patterns through this activity. You can grab this Cut and Paste Blends and Digraphs Activity in my TpT store!


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