Learn About Kindness through Lapbooks

Teaching my students to be kind is SO IMPORTANT to me. It is a major goal every year to instill the desire to be kind within my students before they head off to second grade. My students have to be given examples of what kindness looks like before they can be expected to put kindness into practice. I created this Kindness Lapbook to give multiple examples of kindness, while also building writing skills in the classroom.

Lapbook Inside Lapbook Flip Book

Inside the lapbook, students will work on writing activities to build their understanding of what it means to be kind. They will work on a flip book that has them describe what it means to be kind using their senses. They will write about what kindness looks like, feels like, and sounds like. I think it is important for them to relate their senses to what it means to be kind to give them real life examples of how kindness plays a role in their lives.

Lapbook Flap Book

In this flap book, students will lift each flap and write a reason to answer why they should show kindness. Before completing the writing, I like to hold a class discussion so students can share their own ideas. Then, I create a class circle map on an anchor chart. I love hearing why they think we should show kindness!

Lapbook Strips

My students need to be explicitly taught how to use kind words. I created this pocket to hold the kind words that they can say. On each strip, students will write kind words that they can say to others. Examples include please, thank you, I’m sorry, you’re welcome, etc.

Lapbook Back

On the back of the lapbook, students will write their own definition of kindness. They will also share a story about a time when they showed kindness. These are so fun to read!

I hope you are feeling inspired to go into your classroom and teach your students how to be kind to one another! Click here to grab this Kindness Lapbook from my TpT store!


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