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Teaching Patience in the Classroom

Teaching Patience in the Classroom

Teaching patience from the beginning of the school year is so important! I have found that when my students are patient through the day, we accomplish so much more. To introduce the concept of patience, we complete this fun Patience Character Education Lapbook together! We begin by completing a KWL chart on our character wall about what we Know and what we Want to learn. Then, I send my students to their seats to color, cut, and paste their lapbook cover. At the end of our patience lessons, we will add what we Learned to our KWL chart.

Patience Lapbook Full Inside Patience Lapbook Flip Book

After coloring the cover, I bring my students back to the carpet to complete an anchor chart about what patience is, and what patience is not. Then, I send students to their seats to complete a flip book extension activity. They write about how they can be a patient student by describing what patience looks like, sounds like, and feels like.

Patience Lapbook Flap Book

We then paste our flap book into our lapbooks and go through the questions together. My goal for this flap book is to ensure that every student understands why patience is important in their lives, in the classroom, and in other life settings.

Patience Lapbook pocket

We then discuss things we can do while we are being patient and write each example on a strip. I always give scenarios to my students of situations where patience is necessary, but I ask them what the patient behavior would look like.

Situations to Share with your Students

Patience Lapbook back cover

To culmonate my student’s learning, I have them complete this narrative writing piece about patience. It is a great way to see if my students have learned what patience is, or if I need to add a supplemental lesson. To further patience lessons in your classroom, be sure to grab my Patience Lapbook in my TpT store. I hope this lesson helps your students learn more about what patience looks like in their own lives!


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