End of the Year Student Portfolios FREEBIE

One of my favorite projects to do with my students is to create student portfolios to store all of their special work from first grade. If you are anything like me, then you probably have a giant stack of student work that you have saved throughout the school year… Then you get close to Open House and the question becomes what do I do with all these fantastic projects?

This year I had each student create their own student portfolio to store all of their beautiful work from the school year. To create the portfolios, I had each student mount their work to a piece of construction paper. Then, I stapled all of the pieces of construction paper together to make a book. To add the perfect finishing touch, my littles colored a cover page to showcase their first grade memories.

Writing Page

I love to have my students write an opinion piece about their favorite day in first grade to add to their student journals. It is such a fun piece of writing for parents to read as they first open their child’s yearly portfolio.

What I Included in my Student’s Portfolios

Before starting this activity, make sure to have a great set of markers for your students to color with. My favorite is the Crayola Super Tips Markers on Amazon because it comes with such a fun variety of colors for students.

You can grab my student portfolio cover page and writing page FREEBIE by clicking here! It is available in Kindergarten through 6th Grade versions. I hope your student portfolios are the perfect touch for Open House this year!

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