Celebrate the End of School with a Memory Book

The school year is filled with so many fun memories for you and your students to celebrate! I love putting together an End of the School Year Memory Book for students to add all their fun memories to. It also makes a really great keepsake for students to keep for years to come. Before starting this activity, make sure to have a set of markers o... Read more

Blends and Digraphs Word Sort Practice Activity

Learning to read blends and digraph spelling patterns in first grade is very tricky for some of my littles. They understand the individual sounds each letter makes, but they struggle to put them together to create new sounds. I created a Cut and Paste Blends and Digraphs Activity to extend their learning from our daily curriculum lessons that fo... Read more

End of the Year Student Portfolios FREEBIE

One of my favorite projects to do with my students is to create student portfolios to store all of their special work from first grade. If you are anything like me, then you probably have a giant stack of student work that you have saved throughout the school year… Then you get close to Open House and the question becomes what do I do with all t... Read more

Father's Day Lapbooks

Father’s Day is such an important event in our student’s lives. But now that our school district is getting out at the end of May, we aren’t in class at this time of year. Since we do so much for Mother’s Day, we as teachers need to make an effort to create a Father’s Day gift for our students before we head out for the summer. I always tell my ... Read more

Long Vowel Cut and Paste Activity

This Cut and Paste Long Vowel Activity is just what my students needed to practice their long vowel spelling patterns. First, we review the two spelling patterns on the worksheet to ensure all students can read the pattern correctly. Next, students highlight the spelling pattern within each word at the bottom of the page. Then, students cut out ... Read more