Countdown to Summer with Reflection Prompt Cards

The countdown to summer is ON in my classroom! This year, we counted down to the last day of school by reflecting on so many fun memories of our school year together. My Countdown to Summer Reflection Prompt Cards include 20 reflection prompts so that you can close out the last 20 days of school in a fun and meaningful way. As we counted down to the last day, we discussed topics such as what we are proud of this year, what we are grateful for, our favorite part of the day, favorite books, and how each student changed through the year. Every reflection prompt card also provides two follow up questions to really deepen the discussions you have with your students.

I definitely shed a few tears as I listened to all the fun memories my students had from our special year together. It is always so sweet to listen to the stories they share and remembering all the memories that were created within the four walls of our classroom.

Click here to download my Countdown to Summer Reflection Prompt Cards so you can count down to summer with your students in a simple and exciting way! You can also grab my year-long Reflection Prompt Card BUNDLE to get ahead for next year!


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