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That's It! No More Pencil Boxes!

That's It! No More Pencil Boxes!

That’s it! After this past school year, I am throwing in the towel on pencil boxes. I have used them every year for the past five years that I have taught first grade. Sadly, this was the first year where my students were so unorganized that we just couldn’t make it work. I was constantly finding crumpled papers, broken crayons, stickers, pens, YOU NAME IT…It was probably in one of the boxes!

This next school year, I am making the switch to one shared table caddy for each of my table groups. Each student sits at an individual desk, but I cluster 4-6 desks to make a table group. I am hoping that my students will show responsibility to keep their caddy clean and free of trash and other debris since they have to work together as a team to get the job done. I am also going to add a table caddy inspector as a class job this year.

I am so excited about how the labels turned out on these table caddies! I hope that by laminating them the labels will stay on all year. A teacher can dream right?!?! You can grab these Black and Bright Table Caddy Labels in my TpT store!


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