Get Ready for Back to School with Reflection Prompt Cards

I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T WAIT to meet my students next year! One of my favorite tools to use when meeting my students the first week of school are my Back to School Reflection Prompt Cards. By spending some time each day reflecting as a class, I feel that we deepen relationships in our classroom and create a culture where every student feels safe and welcomed. During the first 20 days of school, we discuss topics such as the first day of school, summer vacation, character education topics, family, friends, goals, and more!

How to Implement Reflection Prompt Cards in Your Classroom

The sky really is the limit when it comes to how you implement reflection prompt discussions in your classroom!

  1. Morning Meeting: I love using reflection prompt cards as a question to close our morning meetings each day. When you start out by reflecting on a positive topic, it really helps students to put on a positive mindset as they begin the day.
  2. Journal Prompt: Post the reflection prompt card on the screen for all students to see. Then, see where their writing takes them as they privately reflect on special topics.
  3. Closing Circle: We make a standing circle around the classroom. Then, we throw a ball around the circle until each student has had a chance to share. After a student shares his or her answer, that student sits down on the floor so we know who to throw the ball to next. If a student is not ready to share a reflective answer, then the student can throw the ball to another student and wait for another chance.
  4. Early Finisher Activity: Typically we don’t have time in our month to complete all 20 reflection prompt cards. So, I love to have about 3 cards in my early finisher bin each month so that students can write a response if they finish an activity early.

If you want an easy and fun way to get to know your students better, then be sure to click here to grab my Back to School Reflection Prompt Cards from my TpT store. You can also grab my year-long Reflection Prompt Card BUNDLE to keep your students reflecting all year long!


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