Long I Vowel Reading Intervention Activities

This past week we focused on the Long I sound in my classroom. In my experience, learning to read long vowel sounds is one of the most difficult reading concepts for my first graders to learn. It takes practice, practice, practice! Reading long vowels is a skill we work on for several weeks to encourage mastery in my students. I have found that ... Read more

Learn About Your Students and Their Families Through Christmas Lapbooks

This year I have really made an effort to take time to get to know my students and their families. This year for Christmas I want to have my students create a memory lapbook where they reflect on their family traditions around the holidays. This year, I have been really surprised at the difficulties my students have with cutting on a line and ot... Read more

Keep Your Students Reflecting Through November

November is such an important time of reflection in my classroom as we think about all the things we are thankful for. In the past, I have always done crafts centering around thankfulness, but this year I wanted to take this a step further. I want my students to think critically about what they are thankful for and to share these ideas with thei... Read more

Thankfulness Lapbook Writing and Craftivity

November is a time where we stop to think about what we are thankful for. Every time I open social media I am inundated with thankfulness campaigns. I wanted to create a writing craftivity for my students that we can work on each week in November so that we too can reflect on what we are thankful for. I created this Thankfulness Lapbook to do ju... Read more

My Bat Cave Classroom Transformation

Halloween is one of the craziest school days of the entire year. My students dress up in their Halloween costumes, we enjoy a costume parade, and students always bring treats to share. Rather than fight the chaos, I decided to take the advice from Jodi Southard at Fun in First and transform my classroom into a bat cave! We just finished learning... Read more