Reflection Prompts to Guide Classroom Discussions in March

After the shooting that happened at a Florida high school this month, I realized just how important it is to hold daily classroom discussions that encourage reflection in my classroom. My students NEED TO KNOW they are safe, loved and valued. They need to know that they are important. As I created my March set of reflection prompt cards, I incl... Read more

Fun Ways to Teach Letter Names and Sounds

My son, Conner, turned two this month. I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. He is a sponge who soaks up all the learning he can each and every day. He has so much fun learning the names of letters and loves to point out letters everywhere we go. Although he loves letters, his attention span is not very long. I mean he is only two! I have b... Read more

How I Told My Students I Am Having a Baby

Over the past few months, I have thought about all the ways I could tell my first grade class that I am pregnant. That’s right! I am having baby #2! When I saw Miss Decarbo post this fantastic word search, I knew it was exactly what I needed to tell my class about the baby. Although I have had several teachers and parents already catch on that I... Read more

How I Organize Papers For Students to Take Home

I feel like I am always passing out endless amounts of papers from the office. From parent meetings, to holiday reminders, to fundraisers, they just never seem to end! Last year I implemented a student mailbox system. This literally saved my sanity! Any time I receive notes that go home, I give to my mailbox monitor and that student files each p... Read more

How I Organize and Level My Classroom Library

My first year teaching, I think it took me half the school year to finally be satisfied with the way my classroom library was organized. I inherited an entire library of books from a retired teacher, but the books ranged from pre-school all the way to fourth grade. Needless to say, I felt overwhelmed and it took me a while to get through everyth... Read more