Top 12 Self-Care Teacher Gifts

Do you have a teacher in your life that you would love to buy something special for? I have put together a list of my top 12 favorite self-care gifts for teachers. These items are great for relaxation, rejuvenation, preventing illness, and stress relief. Any of these items will make a perfect gift for teacher appreciation week, a Christmas gift, or any time you want to show a special teacher in your life that you appreciate all they do!

My Top 12 Favorite Teacher Self-Care Gifts

  1. Zojirushi Coffee Mug - To help a teacher drink hot coffee all day long! I have never had coffee stay hot all day long in a mug before!

  2. Vahlrona Chocolate - To help a teacher enjoy a sweet treat. On stressful days, nothing is better than a bite of chocolate!

  3. Dry Shampoo - To help a teacher sleep a little longer. I love not having to wash and style my hair as often thanks to this dry shampoo!

  4. Bath Bomb Set - To help melt away the stress of a long day of teaching. Long baths with a bath bomb are one of the best things I have found for my own self-care.

  5. Barefoot Dreams Blanket - To help a teacher sit down and relax. I was given this blanket as a gift and it is the softest, most cozy blanket I have ever used!

  6. Ahava Lotion - To help keep hands and feet hydrated. This lotion is magic!

  7. Lanyard - To help add flair to a teacher’s attire. This lanyard helps me stay focused and ready for anything since I can’t lose my keys!

  8. Flair Pens - To help make grading papers more fun. Plus, they write so easily that my hand doesn’t get sore from writing for too long!

  9. Hand Sanitizer - To help keep the teacher in your life healthy. I love keeping bottles of sanitizer by each classroom door, on my desk, and by my classroom phone.

  10. Teacher T-Shirts - To help a teacher be his or her best self. I am always more excited to be teaching when I am wearing a fun teacher t-shirt!

  11. Massage, Facial, or Pedicure - To help heal the teacher’s body and mind. We all need an excuse to close our eyes and just RELAX!

  12. Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card - To help add time a teacher’s day. Teachers Pay Teachers has saved me so many times since I can just print a lesson, make copies, and be ready to teach! No extensive lesson planning required!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite self-care items. All of these items are sure to help teachers take care of their emotional and physical well being. I hope you find the perfect gift for that special teacher in your life!


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