Motivate Students with Pineapple Raffle Tickets FREEBIE!

The Target dollar spot has my heart this school year! I found this adorable pencil coin holder and knew right away that I was going to use it as a raffle ticket holder! What better pairing for a fun yellow raffle ticket holder than some fun pineapples! What can you use raffle tickets for? Completed homework Excellent behavior Random ac... Read more

Introducing Self-Control to Your Students

At the beginning of the year, I always feel that self-control is a HUGE character trait to begin instilling in my first graders. Many students enter my first grade classroom without a clear understanding of how to manage themselves in an appropriate way. I love to first introduce self-control with this Self-Control Character Education Lapbook. I... Read more

First Day of First Grade!

The first day of first grade is always a really fun, but hectic day for my littles. They are so excited to come to school, but they are always a little nervous since they don’t know what to expect when they walk through my classroom door. I always have an activity such as a first day coloring page or a play-doh model on their desks to work on ri... Read more

The Primary Brain Blog is Now HTTPS Enabled is now HTTPS enabled! HTTPS encrypts or “scrambles” web traffic so it is unreadable to anybody but the viewer and the site. My blog is a simple static web site, but any site can be secured by your web host. Since 2014, Google has been increasing search engine ranking if websites are secured. More recently in July 2018, Chr... Read more

That's It! No More Pencil Boxes!

That’s it! After this past school year, I am throwing in the towel on pencil boxes. I have used them every year for the past five years that I have taught first grade. Sadly, this was the first year where my students were so unorganized that we just couldn’t make it work. I was constantly finding crumpled papers, broken crayons, stickers, pens, ... Read more