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Christmas Book Advent Day 3

Christmas Book Advent Day 3

Today is day 3 of our Christmas Book Advent and we were lucky enough to get to read one of my favorite Christmas books - The Polar Express! This story opened the door to teaching rich vocabulary to my preschooler. We stopped several times throughout the book so I could teach different words that were new to him. It is so important to read to our children of all ages, and what better way than reading through the month of December! After finishing the story, I started a fire and made some hot chocolate, just like they enjoy on The Polar Express Train. You guys, these are the moments that memories are made from!!

Family Activity

Later this evening we will be sitting down as a family to watch the movie, The Polar Express. I can’t wait to discuss how the book and movie are similar and different! Click here to download on Amazon Prime Video if you don’t own the movie YET. It is a family favorite we watch every year!

I hope you enjoy reading today’s book with your little ones. Check back tomorrow for another fun read!


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