Spider Activities For Toddlers

Little Miss Muffet is a favorite nursery rhyme of mine, and my toddler absolutely loves to sing along with me once I get it stuck in my head. Unlike adults, toddlers seem to have no fear and love to touch and learn all about spiders. Since most toddlers are fascinated by these 8-legged creatures, I just knew I needed to create some awesome and educational spider activities for toddlers. This Spider Themed Letter S Toddler Curriculum Unit will allow your toddler to have some creepy crawly fun!

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Lesson Components

This unit is made up of 5 lessons that will each work on the following activities:

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Spider Toddler Activities Unit


Fine Motor Activities


Dot paints may be the best invention ever. I wish I had thought of it! Help your child not only learn about spiders but teach them the shape name circle at the same time!


Clothes pins are a great tool to help your toddler with fine motor skills. Let your child add some legs to the spider in this fun fine motor activity!

Sensory Bins


Create a spooky spider web out of yarn, string, or even cooked spaghetti! Add some plastic spiders, and your child can sort the letters by uppercase/lowercase.


You can’t have activities with a spider theme and not build some fun spiders. Make sure to grab some pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and Playdoh. Your toddler will surely have some fun in this build-a-spider sensory bin.

Math Activity


Math activities do not need just to just be pencil and paper. Grab some spider erasers, or print out some paper spiders and have your toddler add the correct number of spiders to the web.

Spider counting is way more fun than normal counting!

Literacy Activity


Kids love the itsy bitsy spider, and creating a book is a great way to help with their reading skills. Have fun learning the classic nursery rhyme, and help your little learner with reading, too!

Sometimes your toddler is just not ready to open up a book and read! That’s ok and absolutely normal! Give them a little more reading practice with alphabet flashcards, roll and read activities, or some alphabet worksheets.

Spider Activities For Toddlers

Letter S Spider Activities

These are just a few of the fantastic fun activities in my Letter S Spider Activites for toddlers. This Spider Curriculum unit includes gross motor activities, spider crafts, and more! I even include daily lesson plans to ensure you get the most out of every creepy crawly activity.

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What Other A-Z Activities Do I Have?

I know, my A-Z Toddler Curriculum looks pretty helpful. But sometimes, you want to see what other alphabet activities are included before you commit! It’s like trying on clothes before making the purchase.

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