Simple Activities For The Letter X - The Toddler School Curriculum

When teaching and learning letters, there are many different ways to teach toddlers. But, with the letter X, it seems that the only two words ever used are xylophone and x-ray. So, how can you engage a learner with just two example words? Let’s leave the xylophone craft in the past and get our toddlers using their brains, fine and gross motor skills, and have fun while learning! There are tons of fun ways to use the word x-ray and teach your toddler all about the letter X. Here are just a few simple activities for the letter x.

Lesson Components

This unit is made up of 5 lessons that will each work on the following activities:

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Art Activities


Using white paint and black construction paper, your toddler, can create their x-ray image and easily use it to play doctor or practice writing the letter X around the image.


Isn’t it the best when simple household products can become fantastic crafts for the letter x? Let your toddler learn all about bones and the letter X using just q-tips, black paper, and glue!

Fine Motor Activities


Fine motor activities are so important during the toddler years. This activity for the letter x is a great way to help your toddler practice fine motor skills like gluing and working with different materials like cooked spaghetti or yarn!

Sensory Bins


Alphabet crafts and activities are fantastic, but toddlers love getting dirty. Creating a letter x skeleton sensory bin is a great way to let your child develop fine motor skills and create an “x-ray” of a skeleton out of popsicle sticks, playdoh, googly eyes, and more in the clear bin.


Here’s another sensory bin activity that helps your toddler with fine motor skills. This activity for the letter x is a great way to help your toddler practice fine motor skills like gluing and working with different materials like popsicle sticks and q-tips!

Gross Motor Activity


You’ll need the x-ray cards for this simple letter and gross motor activity. Hang these cards around your classroom or home, and have your child find and then tag the card. Play a fun movement song and have the child keep tagging until the song ends.

Simple Activities For The Letter X

Letter X

These are just a few of the easy, and educational activities available in my X-ray Toddler School Unit. I have so many more great ideas and resources inside this Letter X Toddler Unit including math cards, scissor practice, and even more simple activities for the letter x. You’ll even get a lesson guide that will give you lesson plan ideas and materials you need for each lesson! I hope I can make your life easier one lesson at a time!

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Looking For Other Alphabet Activities?

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