12 Fantastic And Fun Halloween Activities For Toddlers

If you have a messy little monster in your house, this may be the Toddler School Curriculum pack for you! During October, kids, especially toddlers, seem to sense the excitement. Candy, costumes, and chaos are a big part of the month, and trying to find engaging and educational activities that will keep your child excited and away from the bowl of candy can be tough. But don’t worry, these fun Halloween activities for toddlers are a perfect choice! You can grab all of these printables in our Halloween Toddler School Pack.

Lesson Components

This unit is made up of 12 Halloween activities that will work on the following learning areas:

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Fine Motor Activities


Got a little one that loves playdough? This is an easy fine motor activity because it’s so easy to set up and my little one will play forever creating the different creatures! The spider card seems to be a favorite. 😉


Fine motor skills are very important for early development, and this million-eyed monster is toddler approved and a fun Halloween activity. Let your kiddo make little liquid glue dots, and place some googly eyes on top of the dots. Pro tip: place worksheet on a tray to keep messy glue contained.


Dot markers are an art staple in our home. They are perfect for easy Halloween crafts, and they never make a mess. Let your toddler dot away on a pumpkin, candy corn, or ghost all included in my Halloween activities for toddlers pack!

Sensory Bins


Sensory play is all about running little fingers through a variety of materials, while teaching our toddlers to contain their messy materials in a bin. This sensory bag is a great way to enjoy different textures, in a mess-free way! It will not only make your child say “ew” but make for a fun Halloween activity. You can also add plastic spider webs and pumpkins or create a sensory bottle instead.


Definitely one of the our favorite Halloween activities for toddlers, this Halloween sensory bin is full of beans and monster parts. Have your child select a monster body from the bin. Then, work on picking up pieces to finish building each monster from the bin. How many fun monsters can they make?

Math Activity


Learning how to count with your child? No matter how many years old your toddler may be, every kid loves when you pull out candy! Use candy corn, M&Ms, or your child’s favorite freeze-dried yogurt snacks. These candy corn counting mats are the perfect tool to make for one happy toddler!

Literacy Activity


What could be more fun when working on letter names than some Halloween puzzles from A to Z! With monsters, black cats, vampire fangs, and more included on the letter cards, you will be able to work on some new vocabulary while learning the beginning sounds in each word.

Halloween Activities For Toddlers


A busy toddler is a happy toddler, and when looking for some Halloween preschool activities, it can be challenging to find the perfect mix of fun and educational activities. These 12 Halloween lessons are the perfect mix of fun and learning! You not only receive the easy Halloween activities mentioned above in my Toddler School Curriculum Halloween Activities. But, you will also receive pumpkin lacing, a jack o’ lantern craft, and more! So many Halloween preschool ideas all wrapped into one awesomely spooky pack. You can grab the printable unit HERE and get started right away!

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