Butterfly Themed Toddler School Lessons

By LAURIN BRAINARD Updated Dec. 15, 2023

Spring is in the air, which means it is the perfect time to share our Toddler School Butterfly Unit with you all! We loved this unit because we were able to relate the butterfly activities to the live butterflies that we saw outside in our backyard and at the park!

Lesson Components

Each of the 5 lessons in this butterfly unit include the following activities:

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Butterfly Toddler Activities Unit


How To Start a Week of Toddler Learning

Butterfly Cover

The first thing I do with my son at the beginning of a new unit is color our cover page for our unit notebook. I fold a large sheet of construction paper in half and glue the cover page on with stick glue. It’s a great way to introduce the new unit while getting in some much needed coloring practice. Remember, your toddler is still learning how to color, so going outside the lines is normal for the age.

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Butterfly Themed Toddler Sensory Bins

Butterfly Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are my favorite way to teach new letters and sounds to my toddler. Not only are children given exposure to letters, but they also get to play with tactile materials. When children play with these sensory bin fillers, it helps them to recall the letters when they play with these materials the next time. Plus, sensory bins are filled with opportunities for simultaneous sensory play and academic learning, which is always a win in my book.

Butterfly Sensory Bin

Butterfly Sensory Bin

In our next sensory bin, we enjoyed building a butterfly and a caterpillar together. First, my son had to move his tiny fingers through the sensory bin filler to find all the butterfly parts. Then, he placed the pieced together the parts to build a butterfly and a caterpillar.

Butterfly Themed Fine Motor Activities

This unit was filled with fine motor activities that are perfect for the spring season!

Butterfly Sensory Bin

We worked on the letter B using dot markers. I love adding fine motor activities to letter learning since we can talk about the name and sound of the letter while doing a fun activity. We also used play dough to make the uppercase and lowercase letter B for some extra letter and fine motor practice.

Butterfly Caterpillar

Then, we made caterpillar bracelets by stringing cheerios onto a piece of yarn. Something about creating an animal made this lacing practice extra fun!

If you aren’t familiar with what fine motor skills are, then you can read more about this here: What are Fine Motor Skills?]

Butterfly Themed Art Activities

Butterfly Art

My son’s favorite activity was making a butterfly mask. He had so much fun squirting liquid glue and sprinkling glitter on his mask. Then, I laminated the mask so that he could wear it around the house without adding a sprinkling of glitter all over our home.

Butterfly Art 2

My son LOVES anything with craft sticks right now. Not sure why, but using liquid glue and pasting the stick onto something is all the rage right now. So, we put on a butterfly puppet show! To make our puppets, we decorated our butterfly cutouts and then pasted onto a craft stick.

To set up the activity, grab one of the many cardboard boxes you have around the house. If you have Amazon Prime, then you know what I mean! Carve a hole out of the cardboard box. One person hides behind the box and holds the puppet up into the opening. Have fun taking turns putting on the play!

Butterfly Themed Math and Science Activities

Since this unit is all about butterflies, we took a couple walks in nature to hunt for butterflies. It is so much fun to bring a butterfly net and try to catch a few butterflies. My son was unsuccessful at catching any, but the hunt was half the fun! After our butterfly hunt, we worked on a couple of counting activities.

Butterfly Counting

We used these butterfly counting cards to work on counting objects from 1 to 6. For each butterfly, we placed a counter on the butterfly. It was so much fun watching my little learner work on counting to 6, while pointing to each number and saying the name of the number.

Butterfly Counting

We also worked on counting through this Tabbed Number Book. Each page had a butterfly on the page that matched the number on the tab. We counted all the butterflies and said the name of each number.

Butterfly Themed Gross Motor Activities

Gross Motor

Gross Motor

Gross Motor

No week is complete without some gross motor activities that get us outside! Not only did we take a couple of nature walks, but we also did a butterfly dance, hopped on butterfly cards, and practice flying like a butterfly.

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