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Spring Activities for Toddlers

Spring Activities for Toddlers

Spring is here and that means it is time to break out all of the spring toddler activities! We love Spring in our house because flowers bloom, we get outside more to enjoy the fresh air, and the sun is shining! I created this Spring Themed Toddler Unit to bring some of the spring season to you and your little ones!

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Lesson Components

This unit is made up of 5 lessons that will each work on the following activities:

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Spring Toddler Activities Unit


Building Vocabulary

SpringToddler Vocabulary cards are the perfect way to introduce this fun spring themed unit to your little ones. The real photographs will intrigue your child, and it’s a great opportunity to develop those language skills as you ask your child to describe what they see in the pictures. You can even keep the cards up all week to refer back to as you learn and play together.

Fine Motor Activities

SpringToddler In our home, I turn any activity I can into fine motor practice! This butterfly q-tip painting is another way to practice fine motor skills and create beautiful spring artwork. When children grasp the q-tip and dot inside the circles, they are building their hand strength and improving their ability to adjust their grasp on tools and other objects, like pencils and scissors. If your child is ready for a challenge, you can ask them to create color patterns within the butterfly.

SpringToddler Another great fine motor activity is this torn paper flower art. Tearing paper is fun for kids and it allows them to continue building strength in those tiny hand and finger muscles. Your child can tear small pieces of paper and use a glue stick to stick the torn paper onto the flower. Be sure to give your little one spring colors to create a beautiful spring flower.

Learn even more about what fine motor skills are in this post: What are Fine Motor Skills?

Sensory Bins


I don’t know about you, but my kids love bugs and all the bugs come out in the spring! To prepare this sensory exploration activity, you’ll fill a bin with any sensory filler like oats, rice, or beans to represent the soil. You can also add thin strips of green construction paper to represent grass, some small flowers, and some pretend bugs. Hide a few letter cards in the bin with letters that your child is familiar with. As your child plays with the bin, review the letter names and have fun!


For another fun sensory exploration activity, add some small pots and fake flowers to the bin with your soil filler. It will also be fun to add a child sized rake or shovel, and anything else your child can scoop, pour, and play with. Have fun watching your child scoop the “soil” into the pots to plant their flowers.

Math Activity


This spring flower matching activity is the perfect way to practice subitizing with your little ones. Just lay out the number cards for your child and have him or her pick up the flower petals one at a time and match the petals to the number they go with. They will match the number, count objects, and identify how many fingers the hand is holding up. Your child will be so proud when they match all of the numbers and create beautiful spring flowers.

Science Activity


For this fun spring science experiment, you will fill a tray with baking soda. Then you can dye vinegar using red, yellow, and blue food coloring to make the different colors of the rainbow. Place the vinegar in squirt bottles so your child can squirt the vinegar one color at a time onto the baking soda to create the shape of a rainbow. As they squirt, they’ll see the liquid fizz and watch as the three primary colors mix together to create all of the colors of the rainbow!


I hope you found some great ideas to use at home with your little ones this spring season! If you want to make teaching your toddler super simple this week, then check out my Spring Toddler School Unit for 5 complete lesson plans and all the printables you need. I encourage you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, go on a bug hunt, and plant some flowers as you enjoy every minute of playing and learning with your little ones!

And if you need even more Toddler School ideas, check out my Toddler School Seasonal Curriculum.


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