Winter Themed Toddler School Lessons

Winter is in the air and that means the snow is falling…for some of you! Where we live, the closest snow is a couple hours away, so we are excited to create winter inside! To bring the snow and winter fun to our house, I created this Winter Themed Toddler Unit. It’ll bring a bit of the winter season and tons of learning and fun to you and your l... Read more

Octopus Themed Toddler School Lessons

This week we are grabbing our swim gear and taking a dive down under the sea! This Octopus Themed Toddler Unit will have your little ones squealing with joy as you learn all about this animal that is sure to be your child’s newest favorite. It’s the perfect combination of fun and learning, and a great way to introduce your little ones to the let... Read more

Lemon Themed Toddler School Lessons

When life gives you lemons… Enjoy lemon themed learning activities with your toddlers! I created this Lemon Themed Toddler Activities Unit to make learning with your toddler easy peasy, lemon squeezy, and tons of fun for you and your little ones! Lesson Components This unit is made up of 5 lessons that incorporate the following activities: l... Read more

Summer Themed Sensory Play

Summer is here and we are soaking up all the sunshine! My kids are absolutely loving being on summer break this year. Park days, beach days, family trips, and lots of other outdoor activities. In the midst of all the fun, we also need a lot of rest at home. Sensory play activities are the perfect summer fun activity to pull out in those moments ... Read more

Watermelon Themed Toddler School Lessons

Nothing says summer with toddlers quite like watermelon! Are you and your little ones ready for a summer filled with warm weather? I know we are so excited to kick off summer with all the watermelon themed toddler activities! I hope you and your littles have so much fun with the activities from my Watermelon Toddler Unit! Lesson Components This... Read more