7 Fun Toddler Activities for Easter

When I started making activities for toddlers, it was because I wanted to create memories with my own kids, while also helping them learn academic concepts along the way. This Easter Toddler School Unit is a new favorite in our house. There is just nothing better than having my kids ask for more and more activities! I hope your little ones love these activities as much as mine do!

Lesson Components

This Easter Toddler Unit is made up of over 10 activities that include:

If you want to learn more about how to get started planning activities for your little ones, download my FREE guide for everything you need to know about the skill areas we incorporate into toddler school:

Art Activities for Toddlers


I love when I can combine fine motor activities along with other activities we are doing since preschoolers can never have enough practice when it comes to fine motor skill development! In this fun art activity, little ones will tear paper into small pieces, then glue those pieces onto the paper. Depending on the ability level of your little one, they may glue more or less small pieces of paper.


Have you ever done a paint stamping project with your little ones? In this activity, I cut out sponges into ovals to represent Easter eggs. Then, my daughter dipped the sponges into paint to make eggs on her paper. As she dipped in paint, we talked about how when colors are mixed together, they make new colors! This was a great way to work on color names and learn about how primary colors make secondary colors.

Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Little ones love to use materials they can squeeze, press, and roll, so dot markers and playdough are excellent tools to use to build fine motor skills.


Giving exposure to new vocabulary is so important for our little ones as their brains are developing. We had so much fun forming each Easter item with playdough as we worked on color names and some new vocabulary words, too!


In this activity, you will work on using the vocabulary words inside and outside to help your child learn how to dot inside each circle.

Sensory Bins for Toddlers


Sensory bins are a great way to engage your little ones in a play activity, while also learning! In this first sensory bin, your little one will get to pick carrots from the patch, then feed the matching shape carrots to the bunnies. As they pick up each carrot, you can talk about the name of the shape, how many sides the shape has, and how many corners the shape has.


This second bin is a great way to repurpose Easter eggs that you probably already have on hand! In this activity, we played hide and seek with letters. To prepare the bin, you will write a matching pair of uppercase and lowercase letters onto the bottoms of eggs. Then, your child will pick up two eggs at a time to try to find a match. You can write as many or as few letters as your child is ready to learn.

Math Fun for Toddlers


No Easter unit would be complete without some fun with jelly beans! This math activity is designed to work on number names and counting. First, you will point to the number on the card and say the name. Then, your child will place a jelly bean on each circle as they count on to the number.

Grab All the Fun!

All of the printables in these activities are available in my Easter Toddler School Unit. I hope you are feeling inspired to have lots of fun with your little ones!


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