An American Flag Craft For Kids

The 4th of July is right around the corner, so I am pulling out all of my favorite Patriotic Activities to use with my kids at home. We are starting our learning this week with an American flag craft that includes coloring and stamping with dot markers!

American Flag Craft for Kids


This craft is a great way to introduce children to the American flag, while also working on fine motor skills.

First, we colored the blue section around the 50 stars. As we colored, we talked about why there are 50 stars on the flag and what they represent.

Then, we moved on to using a red dot marker to fill in the 7 red stripes. This was the perfect opportunity to discuss why our flag has 13 stripes and how they represent the 13 colonies.

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American Flag Facts for Kids

If you want to dive even deeper into learning about the American flag, you can share these fun facts about the flag with your kids:

Even More Patriotic Fun!

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