5 Fantastic Patriotic Activities For Toddlers

When it gets busy and holidays approach, learning activities often get replaced with activities like parades, the park, watching fireworks, or family vacations. It can be challenging to fit everything in! But, just like school-aged children, toddlers can enjoy learning about the freedoms and patriotic holidays we enjoy in our country. These patriotic activities for toddlers are the perfect mix of fun and learning and can be done in small increments of time!

Lesson Components

This unit is made up of 12 patriotic activities you can use for Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July that will help to provide kindergarten readiness skills to your little ones:

Art Activities

Patriotic Toddler Curriculum

Your toddler can create this cute patriotic wreath with stars and a white paper plate. Using just glue and construction paper, this wreath makes the perfect decoration for the fridge or front door.

Patriotic Toddler Curriculum

Who doesn’t love to use colored pasta noodles? They are so easy to make using blue food coloring (or whatever other colors you would like) and vinegar. Toddlers could play with them forever! For this patriotic activity, have your child create a flag, firework, firecracker, top hat, or other patriotic design. Let their imagination run wild!

Fine Motor Activities

Patriotic Toddler Curriculum

A little twist on a flag craft. Using red, white, and blue pom-poms, have your toddler use kid-friendly plastic tweezers and place them in each circle. Once they have finished, they will have created a sparkly American flag.

Sensory Bins

Patriotic Toddler Curriculum

Sensory play is very important during the development stages of a toddler. Give your toddler plastic tweezers and pull out one letter card at a time. Have them practice saying the letter’s name and placing it outside the bin. I have also included shaving cream and number card sensory bins in this Patriotic Toddler Curriculum.

Math Activity

Patriotic Toddler Curriculum

Using the play dough mats, your child will work on identifying the number on the mat by name. Your child can roll playdough to form the numbers on the card and create shapes or balls to place on the tens frame.

Patriotic Educational Activities

If you want to bring some patriotic fun centered around learning into your home this year, then this Patriotic Toddler Unit is a perfect choice. It’s full of 12 activities that will get your toddler excited about learning during hot summer and cold winter months. All while keeping little learners on track and not losing all the skills they have gained throughout the school year!

Patriotic Toddler Curriculum

Your toddler doesn’t have to stop learning here. If you think your child will enjoy my Patriotic Toddler Curriculum, then you can create learning activities through holidays all year in my HOliday Toddler Curriculum. This holiday curriculum includes activities for Patriotic days, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and more! Your toddler or preschooler will be ready for Kindergarten before you know it!

I hope these activities give you the tools to play and learn with your little ones all year long!


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