Blog Launch Giveaway Part 6 - Superhero Themed Pencil Cup Labels

It is day six of my blog launch giveaway series and today I want to share a free classroom management strategy with you. Sometimes I have nightmares at night about all the wasted time my students spend when they can’t find materials. You know the one… The student who sits at his desk doing absolutely nothing because they can’t find a pencil. To ... Read more

Blog Launch Giveaway Part 5 - Halloween Sentence Sorting Cards

Today is the fifth day of my blog launch giveaway series and I hope you are doing a happy dance with me! Today I bring you Halloween Themed Sentence Sorting Cards. Many of my students this year are struggling to write sentences independently. I created a resource to help them form a sentence by putting the cards in order. I usually teach the str... Read more

Blog Launch Giveaway Part 4 - Halloween I Have Who Has Game Cards

Today is day four of my blog launch giveaway. I am already thinking about all the fun we will have on Halloween in my classroom. I have already grabbed glowsticks and treats, but I still need to work on my costume! I love finding ways to incorporate learning standards into seasonal games and activities. My students really enjoy playing I Have Wh... Read more

Blog Launch Giveaway Part 3 - Halloween Themed Name Tags

Today is the 3rd day of my blog launch giveaway and so I thought I would help you spruce up those Halloween bulletin boards that still need a little something. I created Halloween name tags to place below student artwork in my hallways. My students work so hard on their work and I wanted a special name card to show it off. These tags can also be... Read more

Blog Launch Giveaway Part 2 - Halloween Write and Wipe Activity

Small group reading and writing intervention is my absolute favorite part of the school day. So, for the 2nd day of my blog launch, I created a free Halloween version of my Write and Wipe Activities. I love this resource because I can address multiple content areas in one lesson including reading, ELD, writing, speaking, and vocabulary. The b... Read more