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Using Bookmarks to Master Fry Words

Using Bookmarks to Master Fry Words

Learning sight words is HARD for some of my littles. I love finding fun and engaging ways to work on memorization. In my classroom we use the Fry Word sight word system. I created a set of Fry Word Bookmarks for First Grade to help break down the words into manageable sets.

Bookmark Close Up Each bookmark includes 20 fry words. In my first grade class, there are 10 sets of bookmarks that my students need to master through the year. My students are so motivated to complete each bookmark because they love to “pass” and go on to the next set.

If you want to copy your bookmark sets on different colored papers, then click here to grab a 150 page pack of Astrobrights paper on Amazon. I love this pack since it has so many colors and is very expensive. My students are always SO EXCITED to move on to the next color!

Assessment I included a single page assessment sheet for each set of 200 Fry words. This makes assessment EASY since I can track each set of 20 words that my students have mastered.


This year I have reading levels that range from pre-k all the way to fourth grade. My sight word bookmarks are available in a bundle including the first 1000 Fry Words. Since one of my firsties is reading fourth grade material, it has been so helpful to have these bookmarks. She wants to participate in everything we do in class, so this is a great way to include her while still teaching sight words at her level. Be sure to check out my Fry Word Bookmarks Bundle for all 50 sets!

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