Christmas Book Advent Book List

Now that I have two young children, I am always trying to think of new activities to enjoy during the Christmas season. Our family already has an entire collection of Christmas books that I read to my kids each Christmas season. A friend of mine shared the idea with me of turning our collection into a Christmas Book Advent. My favorite part of t... Read more

Christmas Clip Cards Freebie

It’s time for a Christmas freebie! I am always looking for fun ways to build vocabulary in my classroom and these clip cards are the perfect literacy center activity for the Christmas season. HOW TO USE IN YOUR CLASSROOM Not only do these clip cards work on vocabulary, but they also work on spelling. Once your students have identified the na... Read more

Spider Theme Day Classroom Transformation

Ever had a spider visit your classroom? We did! This amazing and realistic spider skeleton stopped by for spider theme day and it was incredible! Our spider skeleton brought some webs, toy spiders, and a fun spider backdrop to share. My students loved learning about spider body parts by labeling our skeleton! Our spider visitor even left with a ... Read more

Construction Math Puzzles Freebie

I love creating teaching resources that are based on themes that my students love. I like to spend the first couple weeks of school learning about what my students like to do, their favorite sports, colors, teams, pets, etc. I always see engagement increase during my lessons when I tie in student favorites. Here at home, I am doing the same thin... Read more

Fall Activities for Kids

It’s my favorite time of year again! The one where the wind begins to blow and the leaves begin to change colors. To celebrate, I love breaking out all the Fall things at home and in my classroom to get into the Fall spirit! Read below to see some of my favorite Fall activities to do at home with my toddlers and at school with my first graders. ... Read more