How To Use Boom Cards™ In Your Classroom

Boom Cards™ are my favorite tool for digital learning in my classroom! They are colorful, fun, and engaging! My students are able to learn the same skills that we were learning on paper through a fun digital platform. Plus, it is SO EASY for me to use. When I first created my account, I was able to have my class set up, students added, and passw... Read more

Ice Cream Letter Matching Activity

Summer is right around the corner, so it is time to break out all the ice cream themed activities! Since we are spending more time at home right now, I wanted to put together a free activity that you could use with your little ones this summer! We are working on matching uppercase and lowercase letters here at home, so this activity is perfect f... Read more

Car Themed Toddler School Lessons

Does your child love to play with cars? My son sure does! So, I put together this Car Themed Toddler School Unit all about cars! This toddler activity unit is filled with 5 lessons that include fine motor activities for toddlers, literacy and math activities, gross motor, and crafts. Keep reading to see all the fun we had this week! Lesson Comp... Read more

Zoo Themed Toddler School Lessons

For the past year and a half, my son and I worked through 26 toddler school units. It was so much fun to watch Conner engage in toddler activities while we learned about all 26 letters of the alphabet. We loved every moment! To finish out the alphabet, I created this Zoo Themed Toddler School Unit. Our final 5 lesson plans were so much fun and I... Read more

Butterfly Themed Toddler School Lessons

Spring is in the air, which means it is the perfect time to share our Toddler School Butterfly Unit with you all! We loved this unit because we were able to relate the butterfly activities to live butterflies that we saw outside. Lesson Components Each of the 5 lessons in this butterfly unit include the following activities: literacy/languag... Read more