Spring Activities for Toddlers

Spring is here and that means it is time to break out all of the spring toddler activities! We love Spring in our house because flowers bloom, we get outside more to enjoy the fresh air, and the sun is shining! I created this Spring Themed Toddler Unit to bring some of the spring season to you and your little ones! If you want to learn more abo... Read more

St. Patrick's Day Math Around the Room

Playing Math Around the Room is one of my favorite ways to get my students up out of their seats and moving! We are working on adding two digit numbers, so I put together this quick and easy activity to get my students moving around the room as they hunt for gold. I hope you enjoy this freebie! How to Play To set up this activity, you will c... Read more

Noodle Themed Toddler Activities

Get ready for a fun week of noodle toddler activities! Noodles are always a hit with the little ones to eat and to learn with! I created this Noodle Themed Toddler Unit to bring a bit of noodle fun into your home. If you want to learn more about how to get started planning activities for your little ones, download my FREE guide for everything y... Read more

Fine Motor Activities for Spring

Spring is in the air, and it’s a perfect time to practice fine motor skills with your students! Fine motor skills are so important since they strengthen finger control and muscles in the hands, develop hand-eye coordination, and help students learn how to manipulate objects. These skills lead to student mastery of gripping a pencil, holding scis... Read more

Unicorn Themed Toddler School Lessons

Unicorns bring a sense of magic into the room and are a childhood favorite! I love finding ways to create learning activities around my children’s favorite things, so a unicorn week is perfect! This Unicorn Themed Toddler Unit is packed with everything you need for a full week of learning, so get ready to have fun while you learn about the lette... Read more