Yacht Toddler Activities - Simple Activities for the Letter Y

When you think of the letter Y, what words do you think of? As I planned out a unit for the letter Y, I thought of taking our little ones sailing away on a yacht! This unit will get your toddlers using their brains, provide opportunities to practice fine and gross motor skills, and have fun while learning! This Yacht Toddler School Unit includes lots of fun ways to use the word yacht and teach your toddler all about the letter Y. Here are just a few simple activities for the letter Y.

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Lesson Components

This unit is made up of 5 lessons that will each work on the following activities:

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Yacht Toddler Activities Unit


Art Activity


To kick off yacht week, we created art using marbles and paint! All you need to do is tape a piece of while construction paper to the bottom of a large cardboard tray or sheet pan. Then, dip marbles in blue paint and yellow paint. Then, give your little one time to roll the marbles back and forth in the tray to make designs. As the marbles roll and the paint mixes, offer opportunities for your child to observe what happens when the yellow and blue colors mix to make green.

As the paint dried, we painted a yacht and cut that out. Once everything was dry, we glued the yacht on top of our marble art to create the look of a yacht sailing on the sea!

Fine Motor Activity


Fine motor activities can be simple and fun. For this activity, introduce the shape name “circle”, and give your child a dot marker. Have your child dot inside the circles to make the letter Yy. Give your child multiple opportunities and reminders to say the letter name “Y” as he or she dabs away.

Learn even more about what fine motor skills are in this post: What are Fine Motor Skills?

Sensory Exploration Activities


Play dough is always a hit in our home, and this sensory activity was no exception. In this activity, your little one will create a yacht with play dough and popsicle sticks. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Encourage your child to do their best, use their imagination, and create their very own yacht with the supplies in the bin.


For this next sensory bin activity, fill a bin with water beads or blue rice. Add the yacht shape puzzle pieces to the bin. You’ll want to laminate them for durability if you’re using water beads. Your child will search for the puzzle pieces and match the shapes. As he or she finds shape matches, set them to the side of the bin. Make sure to leave plenty of free time to explore and play with the bin!

Math Activity


Giving our little ones lots of opportunities to practice 1:1 correspondence is essential in order for them to build confidence and master this skill. For this activity, you’ll give your child the number match cards and about 30 counters. We love using blue gems or mini erasers! Your child will place a counter on each image on the number match cards. Encourage your child to count aloud as he or she places each counter on the card.


I hope you found some great ideas to use this week with your little ones! If you want to make teaching your toddler super simple this week, then check out my Yacht Toddler School Unit for 5 complete lesson plans and all the printables you need.

And if you need even more Toddler School ideas, check out my Toddler School Curriculum to make learning FUN from A to Z!

I hope you have fun playing and learning with your little ones this week!


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