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Spring Math Centers

Spring Math Centers

I love how easy it is to turn a year-round math activity into a fun Spring center just by adding in some bright and colorful Target mini erasers from the dollar spot! My students love playing Addition Roll and Solve games with a partner. This game mat focuses on addition facts within 20. Students roll a die and solve a math fact. Once all facts are solved, they continue to roll and place a mini eraser on each addition fact as they recite the fact aloud to a partner.

Connect 4

Our second center this week is another student favorite! Students are playing Connect Four Multiples of 10 with a partner. To win the game, one player needs to get four in a row on the game board. Students write an addition fact using two multiples of 10 from the addend box. They place a mini eraser on the number in the game box that matches their answer. Students take turns writing equations and placing pieces on the game board. Once the first player gets four in a row, both students clear the game board and continue to write equations and play for four in a row. The game ends when all equations on their mat have been completed.

I hope you have lots of fun adding some spring flair into your classroom using simple tools like mini erasers! You can grab my Connect 4 Multiples of 10 Game Board Mats and my Roll and Solve Within 20 Addition Game Mats in my TpT store! Happy Spring!

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