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Learning Numbers to 120

Learning Numbers to 120

Learning how to order numbers to 120 is often challenging for many of my students. To help my students learn to count to 120, I created number cards from 1-120 that students can use to create a life-sized 120 chart on the carpet. I love watching my students work together to create this 120 chart. It is the perfect math center since my students are able to move about freely and collaborate with one another. It is always interesting to see the various strategies students will use to complete the chart. Some students will start at 1 and look for each card is sequential order to 120. Other students will fill in rows of 10s, and fill in each row as they find the correct number cards.

Once students are able to complete the 120 chart by ones, then they move on to ordering numbers by 10s. For more advanced students, I also have cards on hand for ordering by 2, 3, and 5. To stay organized, each set of number cards has a different border that matches the border on a task card. This way, cards stay in sets and do not get mixed up during the shuffling about of math centers.

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