St. Patrick's Day Math Around the Room

Playing Math Around the Room is one of my favorite ways to get my students up out of their seats and moving! We are working on adding two digit numbers, so I put together this quick and easy activity to get my students moving around the room as they hunt for gold. I hope you enjoy this freebie!

How to Play


To set up this activity, you will cut out 9 gold coin squares and hang them up around your classroom. I love to place these on whiteboards, doors, walls, to the side of desks, and in a few other tricky spots. Then, you will give each of your students a Math Around the Room worksheet (included in the freebie below). Have them find all 9 coins and solve the math equation on the card. Then, write the answer in the matching pot of gold on their worksheet.

You can grab this free activity to try with your students by filling out the form below. I hope you enjoy this activity as much as we do in my classroom!


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