Halloween NO PREP Math Activities

Fall is here! Excitement is growing as pumpkin spice, costumes, and candies fill the aisles EVERYWHERE! And we can’t forget the Target mini erasers! I have already indulged in my fair share… #teacherbudgetproblems

Halloween is always a favorite time of year for my students. Costumes, candy, parties, trick or treating… I mean what’s not to love?!? I love to incorporate some Halloween fun through math spiral review and targeted math activities to fill in any student gaps. For each day of the month, I grab a different NO PREP worksheet from my Math Worksheets NO PREP Pack to use in math centers, for early finishers, or as math homework. Click here to save this post to your favorite Pinterest board to save for later. Enjoy a few of my student’s favorites!

Halloween Math Graphing

We worked on graphing through this fun Halloween graphing page. I make sure my students color each item in the box to help them keep track of the items they have added to their graph. After completing their graphs, I had my sweet firsties turn to a partner to share their findings.

Halloween 10 More 10 Less

My class has already worked on ten more and ten less through number lines, 120 charts, fill in the blank worksheets, and with manipulatives. My students thought this spiral review bat worksheet was so much fun, that I think they forgot it was really a part of our math lesson!

Halloween Count by 10s

I love to differentiate math activities to meet my students at their individual needs. To help some of my students who are still struggling to count by 10s, we worked on this cut and paste the candy corn activity in a small group. Students cut out each square and pasted them in order.

Mystery WorksheetMystery Sentence

Meanwhile, students who have mastered this skill worked on a mystery addition or subtraction worksheet. They were so excited to solve the riddle at the bottom of the worksheet!

Halloween 120 Chart Fill In

This 120 fill in chart was great for homework since I was able to differentiate for student levels. Some students completed the entire 120 chart while others used the fill in the blank worksheet.

All of these activities are included in my Halloween Math NO PREP Worksheet Pack. I hope you enjoy this fun and crazy time of year with your students!

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