Why Preschoolers Should Use Sensory Bins

Have you ever made a sensory bin for your preschool aged children? I love to use sensory bins with our preschoolers because they provide a fun and interactive way for little ones to explore the world around them using their senses. Before we dive into all the fun sensory bins you can put together for your children, let’s take a moment to talk ab... Read more

Baking Activities for Little Learners

Have you ever enjoyed an afternoon of baking with your little ones in the kitchen? Preschoolers absolutely love helping in the kitchen, and it may sound surprising, but they can be very helpful during the baking process! Pouring ingredients into a bowl, measuring flour using measuring cups or a scale, or stirring in the chocolate chips are all g... Read more

How To Catch A Leprechaun STEM Project

February isn’t even over yet, and our seven year old son is already brainstorming how he is going to try to catch that pesky leprechaun this year! First grade is such a fun age to incorporate seasonal themes like leprechauns into your lesson plans! One of my favorite STEM challenges to do with my students is to build leprechaun traps at school!... Read more

6 Fun Toddler Activities for St. Patrick's Day

By LAURIN BRAINARD Updated Feb. 9, 2024 March is here and that means it is time to break out our St. Patrick’s Day toddler activities! This month, we are filling our days with pots of gold sensory bins, St. Patty’s play dough activities, and shamrock crafts! If you would like join in the fun, you can grab all of our St. Patrick’s Day printable ... Read more

Kite Toddler Activities

Nothing makes it feel more like spring is on the way than diving into kite toddler activities as we learn outside our home or classroom! There’s nothing like watching a child’s face holding onto a kite as it soars through the air. I created this Kite Themed Toddler Unit to bring a bit of the spring, kite-flying season to you and your little ones... Read more