Using Bookmarks to Master Fry Words

Learning sight words is HARD for some of my littles. I love finding fun and engaging ways to work on memorization. In my classroom we use the Fry Word sight word system. I created a set of Fry Word Bookmarks for First Grade to help break down the words into manageable sets. Each bookmark includes 20 fry words. In my first grade class, there ar... Read more

How to Survive Halloween as a Teacher

By LAURIN BRAINARD Updated Oct. 18, 2023 Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year which means that we not only have to survive Halloween day, but also the THREE school days that follow. Here are a few quick teacher tips to help you not only survive, but enjoy one of our student’s favorite days of the year. Click here to save this post to your fav... Read more

Tracking Student Data in my First Grade Classroom

By LAURIN BRAINARD Updated Oct. 17, 2023 Displaying data is a requirement at my school site. Since I have a superhero theme in my classroom this year, I created a cityscape where students fly up buildings as they meet their goals. This is all the rage among my students this year because they have their own superhero that will soar as they meet ... Read more

Put an End to Missing Supplies!

Do you have a problem with your classroom supplies going missing? When I sit down to work with students, my biggest frustration is not feeling organized and ready to start my small group instruction. I have a caddy full of things I need to work with students, but my supplies keep vanishing! I am so excited to say that I have finally put an end t... Read more

Halloween NO PREP Math Activities

Fall is here! Excitement is growing as pumpkin spice, costumes, and candies fill the aisles EVERYWHERE! And we can’t forget the Target mini erasers! I have already indulged in my fair share… #teacherbudgetproblems Halloween is always a favorite time of year for my students. Costumes, candy, parties, trick or treating… I mean what’s not to love?... Read more