No Prep CVC Word Work

CVC words are one of my favorite concepts to teach and review at the beginning of the school year in first grade. There are so many fun activities to use to work on this reading skill. In my first grade classroom, my student’s ability levels at the beginning of the year range from learning letter sounds to reading whole words. I love to work on ... Read more

Back to School Writing Activities

One of my favorite things to do as a teacher is to watch how writing unfolds during the year for each of my students. So many of the littles who enter my first grade classroom are unable to write a complete sentence at the beginning of the school year. They lack basic sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation skills. During the first m... Read more

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Differentiation

Dot markers are such a fun and engaging learning material both in my classroom and at home with my son! I love how easy they make filling in bubbles when working on a hands-on worksheet. Even though my son is only two years old, we have already started working on uppercase and lowercase letters since he can identify most letters by name. Of cour... Read more

Differentiating Math Instruction

This year, differentiating math instruction has been so important for my first graders. I have math levels ranging from beginning kindergarten through second grade. We have been working really hard to learn two digit addition and subtraction. One of my student’s favorite ways to practice is through Roll and Solve Math Fact equation games. For th... Read more

Kindness Award Certificates Freebie

Teaching kindness in the classroom is so important. If we can teach our students to be kind to one another, then we have been successful as teachers. Each month of the school year I like to select a few students who I have caught being kind during the month to receive a kindness certificate. These certificates are a great way to encourage studen... Read more