Writing Strategies to Build Strong Writers

Do your students need some extra help writing sentences? Let’s spend some time brushing up on the writing strategies your students NEED! For my first graders to be successful at writing paragraphs by the end of the year, they need to be able to expand, combine, and proofread their sentences. Expanding Sentences At the beginning of the school ye... Read more

Dinosaur Themed Toddler School Activities

Are your little ones as obsessed with dinosaurs as mine are? Dinosaurs are a childhood favorite and a great way to capture your little one’s attention and curiosity. I put together this engaging Dinosaur Themed Toddler Unit that is sure to capture your child’s interest! I hope you will join us as we learn about dinosaurs! Lesson Components This... Read more

Letter A Boom Cards Freebie!

This year, my students will be starting the school year virtually so I have been thinking a lot this summer about how I will best deliver my phonics instruction. I will be having daily Zoom meetings with my class where we will work on phonetic awareness, segmentation, blending, decoding, and other phonics skill practice. In addition to live teac... Read more

Under the Sea Boom Cards™ FREEBIE!

Now that I finished our first year of distance learning, I just can’t stop creating Boom Cards™ and other digital resources for students to use this coming school year. I am sure that my students will love learning through Boom Cards and I hope your students or children do as well! I just finished working on a full year of First Grade Math CCSS... Read more

Letter Hunt Sensory Bin Freebie

We are in full summer mode here at home so what could be more fun than a sand and sea sensory bin! In this bin, you will go on a letter hunt to find the letters under the sea! All the letter tiles are face down, so my kids had so much fun guessing the letter they would draw next and then turning over a letter tile. Setting Up Your Sensory Bin ... Read more