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Under the Sea Boom Cards™ FREEBIE!

Under the Sea Boom Cards™ FREEBIE!

Now that I finished our first year of distance learning, I just can’t stop creating Boom Cards™ and other digital resources for students to use this coming school year. I am sure that my students will love learning through Boom Cards and I hope your students or children do as well!

I just finished working on a full year of First Grade Math CCSS Boom Cards. This set was designed to review all the standards for the ENTIRE year! These will be perfect for beginning second graders or end of year first graders. I really want you to try these out, so I put together a FREE set to work on Addition to 20.

Addition to 20 Boom Card Freebie

This Boom Card set includes 10 digital task cards that work on addition to 20. Children will solve for the missing number in each equation. A mixture of missing addends and missing answers are included. Just click here to grab these FREE Boom Cards from my TpT store!

I hope you have an awesome week with your littles!


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