Fun Ways to Teach Letter Names and Sounds

My son, Conner, turned two this month. I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. He is a sponge who soaks up all the learning he can each and every day. He has so much fun learning the names of letters and loves to point out letters everywhere we go. Although he loves letters, his attention span is not very long. I mean he is only two! I have been on a mission to find new and fun ways to incorporate letter identification into his daily play. Here are a few of his favorite ways!

Foam Letters Water Sensory Play Every night at bath time we play with foam bath letters and numbers. To incorporate sensory play into his morning, I placed some foam letters into a baking pan filled with water. He had SO MUCH FUN moving the letters through the water as he said the names of each letter. Click here to grab a set of Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers.

Unmade Puzzle Finished Puzzle Puzzles are a HUGE hit in our house right now. I found this awesome alphabet puzzle and it has been a great tool to work on letter names, colors, and fine motor skills. My son loves to take out one piece at a time from his bin, say the name and color of each letter, then place in his puzzle. Click here to grab your own alphabet puzzle on Amazon.

Sterilite Bin This mini Sterilite bin has been a lifesaver. We have a lot of puzzles and I needed a way to store the pieces so that they were not mixed up with pieces from other puzzles. Conner is so great at putting the pieces back in the bin and closing it up before starting another puzzle. Click here to grab a set of mini bins on Amazon.

Cookie Cutter with Letters Cut Out Cookie Cutter with Letters Cut Out I was gifted a set of cookie cutters as a wedding gift many years ago. I love baking, but I just don’t use these very often. They are the perfect tool for cutting out and practicing letters. Click here to grab this set of cookie cutters to use with your own kids!

Colors Not only were we able to work on letter names while playing with Play-doh, but we also worked on colors! My son LOVES to say the name of each of these colors. Since he can identify ten common colors, we are now beginning to work on variations such as tan, rather than brown.

I hope this post has given you a few new ideas to work on letter names and letter sounds in your classroom or at home with your own children. Fill out the form below so I can send you a FREE copy of my magnetic letter practice pages!

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