STEM Snowman Teamwork Challenge

We read The Biggest Snowman Ever in class this past week. This book is filled with themes about teamwork. We had some really great conversations about why teamwork is important, how teamwork can help complete a job, and why working together is better than working by yourself. Click here to purchase The Biggest Snowman Ever on Amazon using my affilitate link.

Snowman Book

After these great conversations, I decided to turn this conversation into a STEM challenge. The challenge was to build the tallest snowman in the classroom using nothing but paper. I gave each group of 4-5 students a stack of blank paper. I told them that they could fold and stack the paper together any way they chose, but they could not add any other materials for stability.

Snowman Book

My students definitely struggled to find a way to get the snowman to stay standing. At one point, a student asked if they could use a glue stick, which I allowed. I loved watching their creativity! It was wonderful to see my students working together and showing strong teamwork to try to get the job done. They realized quickly that it took several students to hold up the snowman while they constructed it. Unfortunatley, most of the snowman tumbled as soon as they let go.

I only allowed ten minutes to try to build their snowmen. By the end of the ten minutes, my entire classroom was filled with paper snowballs. It was so much fun!

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