How to Teach Bible Verses to Kids

Have you ever wondered how to teach Bible verses to your children or students? The idea of teaching Bible verses to children has always been at the forefront of my mind. If we want to encourage our children to grow in their relationships with the Lord, then we need to give them the tools to do this. When we memorize Bible verses, they will be at the forefront of our minds. This way, if your child goes through a difficult trial in life, they can experience greater peace.

When I sat down to plan out the verses I wanted to teach my son, I knew I needed a plan that would help him not only memorize the scriptures, but commit the Bible verses to his heart. I came up with five tips to teach kids to memorize Bible verses.

5 Tips for Memorizing Bible Verses

1. Start with a Short Verse

When first beginning to memorize verses, I recommend starting small to build confidence. If you want to work on a longer verse, then break the verse down into portions. As your child learns the first few words of the verse, then you can add a few more as your child gains confidence in his or her abilities.

2. Read the Verse Aloud

According to Colin MacLeod’s Production Effect, when we say something aloud or write it down, it can yield greater memory retention than if we simply read it silently (Sage Journal, 2017). So, make sure to read the verse to your child, but also have your child read independently or repeat the words after you.

3. Track Your Progress

Memorizing Bible verses should be fun for kids, so come up with a visual system to track progress as your child learns each verse. As a child, I loved adding jewels to a crown or stickers to a chart for each verse I learned.

4. Incorporate Games and Activities

As your child is learning the verse, turn it into a game or activity. We love turning the verses into puzzles, cut and paste activities, and songs.

5. Put the Verse Everywhere

I created posters and notecards of each verse. This way, we could hang the verse on our refrigerator, bedroom doors, and bathroom mirrors. If you are learning in a classroom, then put the poster on classroom doors and cabinets that are accessed often. Each time you go through the door or open the cabinet, have children say the verse aloud before completing the task. The more we see the Bible verse and practice, the faster we will memorize it.

How to Get Started

3rd Grade Bible Verse Collage I created Bible Verse Memorization Packs for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade to make it easy for parents and teachers to get started immediately. The best part is, all you have to do is print, and your child or students will be ready to read, write, cut, paste, and color!

What to Expect

Each week, children will focus on one Bible verse. Children learn through repetition, so practicing the same verse each day in a different way will help children to remember the verse. Each grade level contains verses appropriate for the age, that gradually increase in difficulty. There are up to 4 days of activities, plus an assessment to use on the last day. Here are some sample pages from my kindergarten and first grade packs. Kindergarten Bible Verse Collage 1st Bible Verse Collage 1st Bible Verse Collage

Bible Verse Journal

Kindergarten Bible Verse Collage Each pack includes a Bible Verse Journal that students will add to when they learn a new verse each week. This sample is from my Kindergarten Bible Verse Memorization Pack. It includes a cut and paste strip of the verse that students will glue in. This journal is excellent for reviewing verses that have been learned and as a reminder of how far they have come over the year. This is excellent for tracking progress!

Let’s Do This!

If you are ready to take the plunge and dive into a year of learning Bible verses with your child, then click any of the links below to purchase my Bible Verse Memorization Packs from my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

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First Grade Bible Verse Memorization Pack

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Third Grade Bible Verse Memorization Pack

I hope you enjoy the next year of learning and growing with your children as you memorize Bible verses together!


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