Yacht Toddler Activities - Simple Activities for the Letter Y

When you think of the letter Y, what words do you think of? As I planned out a unit for the letter Y, I thought of taking our little ones sailing away on a yacht! This unit will get your toddlers using their brains, provide opportunities to practice fine and gross motor skills, and have fun while learning! This Yacht Toddler School Unit includes... Read more

Fall Fine Motor Activities

Children need to build fine motor skills to help them grasp objects, become strong writers, and to be able to complete self-care tasks each day. During the fall season, what could be more fun than fall fine motor activities for preschool and kindergarten students! Here are 6 activities from my Fall Fine Motor Activities that you can add to morn... Read more

Simple Activities For The Letter X - The Toddler School Curriculum

When teaching and learning letters, there are many different ways to teach toddlers. But, with the letter X, it seems that the only two words ever used are xylophone and x-ray. So, how can you engage a learner with just two example words? Let’s leave the xylophone craft in the past and get our toddlers using their brains, fine and gross motor sk... Read more

Pumpkin Toddler Activities

September is here and that means it’s time to start planning pumpkin toddler activities for your little ones! I created this Pumpkin Themed Toddler Unit to bring a bit of the fall season into your home or classroom. Lesson Components This unit is made up of 5 lessons that will each work on the following activities: literacy/language senso... Read more

Ice Cream Toddler Activities

Do your little ones love ice cream? I know mine do! I created this Ice Cream Themed Toddler Unit to satisfy that sweet tooth for learning with my toddlers! We dove into ice cream themed sensory bins, fine motor activities, arts and crafts, and lots more! Lesson Components This unit is made up of 5 lessons that will each work on the following ac... Read more