Echo Art Flowers in the Classroom

Spring is finally here! I love finding ways to integrate art into content areas such as language arts and math. I cannot think of a better project to welcome spring than by creating echo art flowers through a directed drawing exercise. After completing our flowers, we measured with paperclips since we are working on measurement this week. Each s... Read more

St. Patrick's Day NO PREP Math Activities

Saint Patrick’s Day is such a fun time of year in my first grade classroom. My students love reading and writing about leprechaun topics, so I thought I would throw in some fun St. Patty’s Day math worksheets. I love these worksheets because they target specific skills that we are learning and need to review. Since a few of my littles are sti... Read more

Whole Class Writing Journals

I love using whole class writing journals in my classroom to encourage shared writing! My students love getting to read what their peers wrote in the journal before they add in their own writing. When the journals are completed, I set them aside for Open House. Parents LOVE reading these and finding the writing that their own child has written. ... Read more

Learn About Simple Machines by Racing Race Cars!

My students LOVE, LOVE, LOVE STEAM projects! This week we learned about the Wheel and Axle Simple Machine. A wheel and axle is a simple machine that has a “wheel” and a smaller axle that uses the two parts to rotate together to transfer force from one part to the other. I introduced the wheel and axle simple machine by teaching my students ho... Read more

My New Favorite Classroom Resources from Donors Choose

This week my classroom received more art supplies than I could ever imagine! I created a Donor’s Choose project and received donations by complete strangers who believed in my classroom! I am so thankful to these wonderful people who make my student’s art dreams come true! Donor’s Choose is a place for teachers to submit requests for resources t... Read more