Mother's Day Lapbooks

As a teacher, I always feel like I have a huge responsibility to make sure my first graders create a special and memorable Mother’s Day gift to give to their sweet Mommas. My students are always so excited this time of year to channel their creativity into the perfect gift. Mother’s Day Lapbooks are the perfect gift because my littles are able to showcase their writing and artistic skills while writing really sweet and thoughtful notes in this lap sized card.

Inside Lapbook Reasons

I love all the opportunities for writing that my students are exposed to through this lapbook. They write about their Mom’s favorite things, things she is really good at, and things she likes to do through an “All About My Mother” flip book. They write 5 reasons why they love their mother under each flap on the flap book. I seriously love reading the reasons they come up! Most of them are so heartfelt, but there are always a few really silly ones! They also get to write about the ways their mom helps them through a fun hearts book.


One of my favorite things in the lapbook is this coupon pocket! I know as a Momma myself that I would love to have my son give me these coupons since they are so useful! The coupons include helping with laundry, helping with dinner, extra hugs, a chore of mom’s choice, and more!

You can grab my Mother’s Day Lapbook in my TpT store! Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommies reading this out there!

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