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CVC Word Practice Activity

CVC Word Practice Activity

Learning CVC words in first grade is SO MUCH FUN! My students love all the various activities we do to work on these short vowel sounds. This year, my students needed a lot of extra practice with cutting, so we are using a cut and paste activity to review cvc words.

In this activity, students begin by highlighting the sounds they are looking for. For example, if they are sorting words by short e or short i sounds, then they would highlight the e or i in each word. I have found they do a much better job sorting when they take the time to investigate and highlight the sounds first. After all words have been highlighted, students cut out the words and paste into the correct box.

I always have a few students who finish early, so I either have them extend their learning by reading the words with fluency or writing sentences using the words.

I hope your students love CVC Words as much as mine do! You can grab this Cut and Paste CVC Activity in my TpT store!


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