Let's Write and Wipe CVC Words

CVC words are such a fun concept to teach anytime of the year. These are the first words that my first graders master in reading and in spelling. I love seeing the accomplishment on their little faces when they learn to read and write CVC words! This year, I created a CVC Word Write and Wipe Activity Mat that works on vocabulary, spelling, and writing. The best part is, completing the activity mat only takes a few minutes per word. Once my students can write CVC words with mastery, then we focus on extending our sentences using the vocabulary word we are focusing on.

Blank Workmat

All you need to complete this activity is a sheet protector, write and wipe mat, word cards and expo marker. To complete the workmat, each student will grab a vocabulary word card and place in the blank square on their workmat. Next, they will write the word using the three boxes for each sound. I like to have students segment each sound on their fingers before writing in the boxes. Once they complete the word, students will write a sentence using the word. I find it really helps my struggling writers when I write sentence frames on the board for them to use as they are writing.

Completed Workmat

It is so easy to pull these workmats out when I have extra time after a guided reading lesson or for those littles who just need some extra practice. I love using these workmats during small group workshop so that I can correct student work and make suggestions on ways to improve. These workmats also give me a quick glance at how students are progressing in their ability to write CVC words and complete sentences. The sky really is the limit when it comes to all the fun activities you can incorporate into cvc word practice!

You can grab my CVC Write and Wipe Activity Mats in my TpT store! You can also grab my Write and Wipe Activity Mat BUNDLE that is filled with CVC words, Blends and Digraphs, and Long Vowel Word Cards at a discounted price!


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