Introducing Weekly Spelling Words

Memorizing spelling words is a daunting task for many of my firsties. I love to start out the week with 30 minutes of spelling word work centers. This week, my students were able to choose between six center rotations. Depending on the complexity of the center, some students may stay in the same center for the entire 30 minutes, while other students may move on to a new center.

Playdoh Spelling

Spell It With Play-doh

Any time I break out play-doh my students go wild. They would sit for hours and play with play-doh if I let them! This week we used play-doh to build our spelling words. I love this center since all the students need is their tub of play-doh and my Fry word aligned weekly spelling word list. No prep required! You can grab a bulk pack of play-doh on Amazon.

Rainbow Write It

Rainbow Writing

Rainbow writing was a big hit this week. First, students write their 12 spelling words with a pencil in their BEST handwriting. Then, they write over the pencil with four different crayons. This spelling center worksheet is one of my favorite NO PREP spelling worksheets since it can be used with any worksheet. You can find my rainbow writing worksheet in my Spelling Center Worksheets pack.

Red and Blue Spelling

Red and Blue Spelling

Red and blue spelling has been very beneficial for my students who are still struggling to identify consonants and vowels. In this center, students write their spelling words using a red and blue crayon. All vowels are written in red and consonants are written in blue. If you are limited on copies, just place the worksheet in a sheet protector and use a red and blue dry erase marker.

Magic Watercolor Words

Magic Watercolor Words

For this activity, each student begins with a blank white piece of construction paper. Then, remind each student to write their spelling words in their best handwriting using a white crayon. I always have at least one student who tells me that it is not working because they can’t see the words. I remind my students that we are making MAGIC HAPPEN and just to trust me! After writing all words, students will use watercolors to paint over their words. This is where the magic happens when all of their words suddenly appear! It is so much fun to see their little faces light up!

Yarn Spelling

Spell it with Yarn

In this center, students use pieces of yarn to spell their spelling words. This center tends to take a while because students need to cut pieces of yarn to fit the size of each letter. Even though they do not typically finish all the words, I still use this center because it is so good for their fine motor skills.

Stamp it out Spelling

Stamp It Out Spelling

Stamp It Out is always another crowd pleaser. To complete this activity, students need a copy of their spelling word list. They will stamp out each word using a set of alphabet stamps and a blank worksheet.

You can grab my Fry word spelling bundle to save big on my spelling word lists, center activies, spelling homework, and more! I hope these activities will help you introduce your spelling words each week in a fun new way!

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